Daun Penh Area

Beoung Keng Kang I which is known to many people especially foreigners as BKK1, is the most preferred location to be accommodated in. BKK1 is rich with full access to many activities that we wish to have; counting from International Schools, Bar, Restaurants, hotel, shopping mart, Embassy, NGOs and so many coffee shops that we all could just pick from a glimpse. BKK1 is home to many expatriates and high ranking governors. BKK1 is located between 4 main roads of Mao Tse toung, Monivong, Norodom and Sihanouk blvd.

Besides its richness of so many accessibilities, BKK1 is full of luxurious serviced apartments and condominiums. The building and design stand out to impress the viewers in its unique architectures design. The apartments in BKK1 offer the exclusive services in their renting in ranging from Free internet usage, Cable TV, Gym, Swimming Pool, steam, Sauna and everything that you could ask for. The rental price in BKK1 is from 500$ to 5,000$ per month which depend on the number of room and its services that provide. The land price per square in BKK1 if according to CVEA (Cambodia Valuers and Estate Agent Association) is between 4,000$ to 5,000$.